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It is important to understand the need to keep your body hydrated.  Whenever you exercise you lose fluid, not only through sweating but also water vapour in the air that you breath out.  The harder and longer you exercise and the hotter and more humid the environment the more fluid you will lose.  If this […]

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Calcium Facts

Calcium: What are the functions of calcium?  About 99% of the calcium in the body is found in our skeleton where it provides strength and rigidity, enabling us to stand upright, walk, run and jump.  Calcium is also found in teeth. The remaining 1% is found in our blood and body fluids and regulates contraction […]

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The Importance of Strength

Strength is a Major Factor, both in terms of general fitness and delaying the onset of aging.  The key to improving strength is to subject the muscles to a force which is greater than that which it normally encounters. The first point to clarify, is that strength does not mean that one develops large muscles. […]

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Drink More Water!

Water is one of the most important ingredients that your body needs.  And yet, most people do not consume enough of this vital fluid. Never Underestimate the Value of Water: Water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen, carries away waste, helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, dissolves vitamins and minerals and cushions the body […]

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Factfile On Stress by MIND

Life is stressful.  What matters is that you recognise when you are under so much stress that it may be harmful. About 80% of all modern diseases have their beginnings in stress. Most of the 12million adults who see their GPs each year about mental health problems have complaints related to stress. Over 45million working […]

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WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today

WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today This is a FREE challenge for you and your business to get active. Sign Up for FREE today and you could win prizes when your workplace becomes active! CHALLENGE COLLEAGUES – CHALLENGE FRIENDS – CHALLENGE YOURSELF In partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the WORKPLACE CHALLENGE has […]

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The Qurans Literal Medieval Text to Violence and Terror

The Qurans Literal Medieval Text to Violence and Terror It’s 23rd March 2016, the day after yet another ISIS attack on the West, this time it was Brussels.  So far 34 people have been counted dead in two bomb blasts, the first at the International Airport in Brussels and then on the Metro. So why has […]

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CEP Condemns Attacks in Belgium

CEP Condemns Attacks in Belgium “Following the attacks in Paris last November that killed 130 – planned and carried out in part by individuals with connections with Belgium, including Salah Abdeslam – Europe and the larger international community united with a focused determination to defeat ISIS and counter the threat of terrorism and extremism.  In […]

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