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STRESS CAN KILL AND DOES… Stress is recognised by doctors as the key factor in many illnesses.  The Symptoms of stress are many and varied, from general aches and pains to more serious conditions.  Lack of concentration, depression, poor memory, sleeping difficulties, short temper and even skin conditions are other symptoms of stress. The ongoing […]

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NEOVITE – Natures Food For Peak Performance

Neovite is first milk, rich in colostrum, collected in the 48hrs after calving.  Its exceptional nutrients, protect agents, antibodies and repair factors: Stimulate immune response Improve digestive health Enhance repair and recovery Neovite is an excellent way to accelerate recovery after your workout. IMMUNITY: Boost immune system Auto-immune moderation Faster damage repair DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Harmful […]

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Travel Safe Tips

There are few adventures that can compare with travelling, I’ve been lucky enough to have explored some of the most remote places on earth, across Africa, Central & South America, Scandinavia, The Arctic and most of Europe, leading expeditions and just travelling with a pack on my pack.  It’s a great way to soak in […]

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Useful Websites

World Health Organisation: The WHO is the best place to seek out detailed up-to-date information on international travel health issues. Airline Quality: This website shows reviews on airlines around the world. Suzy Lamplugh Trust: A national charity dedicated to giving personal safety advice when travelling UK Government Advice: Find advice from the UK Government […]

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Does Eating Fish really Give You Brains? Fish if full of Omega 3 DHA, which is proven to keep the brain cell membranes healthy and appears to aid communication within brain cells.  It helps concentration. When Is The Latest You Can Have Kids?  Unless affected by health problems, men produce sperm all their life, although […]

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If your desire is to venture further afield, or even sail across the Atlantic, Ondeck offers an exciting choice of offshore sailing events onboard a variety of yachts.  No experience is necessary and we are able help you decide on the best event for you depending on your experience, timescale and budget. We also provide a […]

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I first came across FREEDOM CLIMBER 3yrs ago at LIW (Leisure Industry Week), It was an awesome product that not only gave great benefits for getting yourself fit, but it was truly fun too! The Freedom Climber is a revolutionary rotating climbing wall trainer that creates a realistic climbing experience and provides all the physiological […]

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Introduction to Barefoot Running

Did you know?…  Our foot has 200,000 nerve endings – 28 bones – 19 major muscles – 33 joint centres – 17 ligaments. Benefits of Walking & Running Barefoot: Personally I’m not a fan, but I do see and understand the benefits, so here’s what the experts say… Strength: While naturally strengthening the muscles in […]

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Exercise & Pregnancy

This information is a guideline to exercising during pregnancy.  It is important to remember that every pregnancy will be different and you should check with your doctor/GP to make sure that they are happy with you starting or continuing to exercise. It is now generally accepted that exercise during pregnancy is good for both mother […]

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The Banana – Natures Energy Bar

Easy to carry when you train outdoors or in the gym, bananas can be eaten before, during or after exercise and contains contains almost twice as much carbohydrate as any other fruit. The good old banana is high in energy and gives off instant energy, full of carbohydrate, low in fat and full of vitamins […]

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