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Olympics Greatest Moments

The Olympics is the Greatest Sporting Event on the Planet, so big it takes 4yrs to recover from the last one and get ready for the next, along with countries bidding to hoast the Greatest Show On Earth some 8yrs ahead. Here is a video montage that will show you some of the greatest moments […]

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1928 Amsterdam Olympics

Amsterdam had bid for the Olympics in both 1920 and 1924 and missed out both times, so it was third time lucky in 1928.  The Games ran from 17th May to 12th August, although the Opening Ceremony wasnt held until 28th July. The total cost of the event was estimated at: US$ 1.183 million. Venue: […]

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1924 Paris Olympics

The Summer of 1924 saw the Olympics come to Paris, the VIII Olympiad.  The home of Pierre de Coubertin (father of the Modern Olympics).  This was the second Olympics held in Paris and was held between 4th May and 27th July 1924. Venue: The main venue for the Games was the Stadia Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, which […]

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1920 Antwerp Olympics

After an 8yr gap and the 1st World War over, the Olympics was back and this time in Antwerp.  The Antwerp Games (Games of the VII Olympiad) in Belgium took place between 20th April to 12th September. The 1916 Games was supposed to take place in Berlin but was cancelled due to the war. The […]

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Dwain Chambers Under Fire…

So should Dwain Chambers be allowed his place at the Olympics???  With his lifetime ban lifted earlier this year in time to qualify for the Team GB Squad, Dwain has been under fire from another Olympian Denise Lewis who believes that he does not deserve his place and a second chance to race clean of […]

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In a press conferrence earlier today Bolt claimed to be 95% fit for the Games which starts tomorrow with the Opening Ceremony at 7pm. Though sounding more humble than when he got3x Golds in the last Olympics, Bolt still showed confidence and self belief that he has what it takes to not only win but break […]

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Recently reading the Daily Star with some of its features about the Olympics, I came across an article about WHOS PUT GREAT INTO GREAT BRITAIN? Reading this I was slightly amused by someof the suggestions, and gave the thumbs up to others. So what is the answer to this big debate going on in pubs […]

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Mizuno Official Press Release for Mizuno Performance Centre

Luke Donald, Sally Gunnell and Dwight Yorke Launch the Mizuno Performance Centre   Luke Donald, Sally Gunnell, Dwight Yorke and other leading Mizuno ambassadors today launched the Japanese brands innovative new Performance Centre. Opening at central London’s iconic Centre Point building the pop up experience welcomes both Londoners and city visitors alike through its doors […]

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Mizuno Performance Centre Opens in London

The Olympics is only 3 days away now and just ahead of the games Sports Brand Mizuno have set up their Performance Centre at Centre Point Building in London (next to Tottenham Court Road Tube Station). I went along yesterday to the VIP Press Launch to see the latest performance footware that will be seen […]

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Hero of Afghan Conflict Takes on the Olympics

Derek Derenalagi was about to be sent to the morgue, when doctors noticed a pulse as they were about to put him in a body bag. Pronounced dead after loosing both his legs and a fracture in his spine after being the victim of a mine exploding, Derek was about to be another fatality in […]

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