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Stockholm Olympics | 1912

The Stockholm Games was officially known as the Games of The V Olympiad.  Held in Stockholm, Sweden and ran from 5th May to 27th July.  The Games was again well organised and well attended further boosting the success that London had on the Olympic movement. Electronic timing devices were used for the first time though […]

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London Olympics | 1908

The 1908 Games was the forth Olympiad and was origionally scheduled to be held in Rome, but with Mount Vesuvius erupted in April 1906, the Italian Government could no longer hold the games so London stepped in at last minute and inspite of the of the short notice the Games in London was a huge […]

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St. Louis Olympics | 1904

The 1904 Games was officially called ‘The Games of The III Olympiad’ The Games were held from July to November in St. Louis, Missouri in the US.  But again the 1904 Games was subject to the same curse as the Paris Games, over shadowed by another event ‘The Louisiana Purchase Exposition (also known as the […]

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Paris Olympics | 1900

The second Olympiad  took place in Paris France which was held to coincide with the Paris International Exhibition and ran from May that year to the end of October. There was no opening or closing ceremonies and it was hard to tell which events were actually part of the games and at times even the […]

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Athens Olympics 1896 | The Inargual Modern Games

The 1896 Athens Games was the very first Modern Olympic Games and took place between 6th April & 15th April in Athens, Greece.  It was officially called the Games of I Olympiad and is recognised as the first ever Olympics in modern times.  Baron Pierre de Coubertin who was the man behind bringing the Olympics back […]

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Olympic Motto

The Games Motto is ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ Faster, Higher, Stronger The Motto was was proposed on the creation of the IOC by Pierre de Coubertin, who had heard it used by his friend Henri de Coubertin, a Dominican priest.  The motto was first introduced in 1924 at the Games in Paris.  

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The Olympic Flame

Ancient Greeks believed that the fire was stolen from Mount Olympus, the home of the gods and given to mankind by Prometheus and they considered fire to have sacred qualities. In 1928 at the Modern Olympic Games in Amsterdam, a flame was lit and remained lit throughout the games, this was again repeated in the […]

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The Olympic Rings

The Olympic Rings have been the most recognised symbol of the Olympics. Barron Pierre de Coubertin came up with the idea for the symbol most recognised with the Olympics in 1913.  The 5 rings stand for the five continents.  Antarctica is not counted and North & South America are counted as one. The linking of […]

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The Olympics

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner I thought Id take a look at the history of the Olympic Games. Many of the Games Olympics has inspired me in my own sport from sprinters like Linford Christie to Marathon Runners like Paula Radcliff and so many others. The origins of the games goes […]

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Olympic Dream for Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon best known for her singing career and being a judge on Britains Got Talent has made it through qualifying for the GB Olympic Team on the fencing team. The former Strictly Come Dancing champion said she was totally stunned when she found out, especially as she had only picked up a foil recently […]

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