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Saturday 19th May 2012 will see me take on the XNRG Fan Dance Challenge, a race Ive been wanting to do for the past 3yrs but always had another event booked.

The aim of the challenge is to summit the Pen Y Fan as many times as possible in 5 1/2hrs.

I will be leading a team of Potential Army Recruits from the Wiltshire College Army Prep-Course.  We will be wearing full combats, boots and carrying full kit (Bergans).

The Fan Dance is the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance running / walking or crawling up the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons.  The Brecon Beacon National Park is one of the most beautiful areas in the country with stunning views from every angle.

Competitors will climb to the top of Pen-y-fan, down to 2 different checkpoints in the fastest time they can achieve.

This route and the peak of Pen-y-fan are very familiar to the British Army as this event is very similar to one of the main tests that our special forces have to pass.

Running to the peak of Pen-y-fan in running clothing carrying minimal safety kit is tough and the hardest challenge that most competitors will face.

They will have to complete the run with a 30lb rucksack and carrying a training rifle (the same as the ones used in the regular army). This test should not be under-estimated and will be one of those challenges that should only be attempted by people who want to test themselves mentally and physically to levels they will have never achieved before.

NEW CATEGORY INTRODUCED FOR 2012 – Because the FEW has filled up so early this year we have introduced a new category. The Fan Warrior. The Fan Warrior will be exactly the same as the FEW just without the rifle. So the Fan Warriors will complete the course carrying a 30lb rucksack. A very tough challenge and not to be taken lightly

The 2012 event will only be run on Saturday 19th May 2012.

Fell running or walking. From bottom to top of Pen-y-fan. Down to 2 different checkpoints. The winners will be the people who have visited all the checkpoints and back to the finish in the fastest time.

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