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Alcohol for Lubrication

In a study done by the University of Sheffield analysed the alcohol consumption of nearly 2000 people… The study found that drinking alcohol helped improve joint function.  According to this study which was followed up with x-rays showed a regular drink reduced damage and inflammation as well as swelling and risk of disability.  The optimum […]

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GAZZA hits the news yet again for all the wrong reasons!

The footie legend Paul Gascoigne was rushed to hospital yet again, this time after being found in a pool of his own blood, inebriated from alcohol at the Champneys Spa.  Only GAZZA could go to a healthy spa retreat to get pissed to the point of being hospitalised. The former football legend could have been […]

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Another Doctor Feel Good Celebrity Victim… Whitney Houston…

So why did happiness and contentment elude the woman that had it all? The feeling of entrapment by the fame they once craved to have, a circle of people around them giving advice that isn’t in the interest of that celeb, close friends willing to tell the truth replaced by others that have other agendas […]

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