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Apple Launching New Internal Fitness Challenge for Employees, Prize is a Unique Apple Watch Band

Starting in February, Apple will be hosting an internal company wide fitness challenge for all of its employees, with a prize that includes a unique fitness-themed Apple Watch band. The band appears to be similar to Apple’s Woven Nylon bands. It comes in a solid black color but has an accent loop in a dark […]

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App Fitness | February Review

With the event of the smart phone such as the iphone and Blackberry, the app world has opened up to the fitness world and with a vengeance, now you can find almost any type of app you can think of to do with fitness to help you get fit, many are like having a personal […]

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Fitness App Review | AROOKOO

Looking through the fitness apps on my iPhone, I came across this app and thought Id try it out for a bit of fun and to see if its an app that people could actually use to help get fit and active…  It is primarily a walking app but you could use it for running […]

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