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Best Foods To Eat When Sick

Like everyone reading this, I hate getting sick, so did you know that as well as getting plenty of rest, did you know that choosing the right food can also get you on the road to feeling better? Here are some great suggestions to help you feeling better again: Spicy Foods: Spicy food can be good […]

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WHY IS VITAMIN C SO IMPORTANT FOR GOOD HEALTH? Has anyone ever said to you when you were suffering from cold or flu, “have you taken your vitamin C?”  Chances are we’ve all had it said to us.  And why? Because vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamin to take.  But do we […]

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Natural Immune Support

Dont get caught out by coughs, colds and flu this winter, support your immune system with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and add some suppliments to your daily routine. VITAMIN C: Did you know Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of your immune system? Holland & Barrett – Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids (1000mg) […]

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