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What Is Fitness?

Good question, we are all individuals and with this everyone’s definition of fitness is going to be different. A 100m sprinter would find a marathon very hard and a marathon runner would find a 100m sprint a struggle too.  Both are supremely fit, but conditioned to their own event. Many of us however, simply just […]

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Reduce Your Risk

You can reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease by: Not being over weight Eating less saturated fat Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day Eating fewer sugary snacks and drinks Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and not exceeding the recommended guidelines Not smoking Exercise regularly Reduce your stress levels and learn to […]

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Why do we adopt a middle aged spread as we grow older??? Many adults do not eat more, or even as much as they did when they were younger.  So why does the average person add 1lb of body weight per year from around 30yrs old onwards? You might assume that more fat on our […]

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Low Income and Poor Diet Leading to Obesity

The Low Income Diet and Nutrition Survey (LIDNS) was commissioned by the Food Standards Agency. It provides strong, nationally representative, evidence on the eating habits, nourishment and nutrition-related health of people on low income.  A sample of 3728 adults and children (aged 4 and above) from 2477 households across the UK were surveyed between November […]

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LighterLife | Another Crash Diet Fronted by a Celeb

Pauline Quirke, yes was very much a plus size woman in need of weight loss, but with plenty of money to do it correctly she chose the path of the quick fix and when it worked, of course she took the money offer from the company to front and endorse the product… Will she be […]

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