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MAKE THE CONNECTION: Could the fact that you are feeling under the weather be a response to pressure?

TAKE A REGULAR BREAK: Give yourself a brief break whenever you feel things are getting on top of you – get a soft drink or take a stroll.

LEARN TO RELAX: Follow a simple routine to relax your muscles and slow your breathing.

GET BETTER ORGANISED: Make a list of jobs, tackle one task at a time, alternate dull tasks with interesting ones.

SORT OUT YOUR WORRIES: Divide them into those that you can do something about (either now or soon) and those that you can’t.  Those that you can’t change, there’s no point in worrying about them.

CHANGE WHAT YOU CAN: Look at the problems that can be sorted and get whatever help is necessary to sort it out.  Learn to say no.

LOOK AT YOUR LONG TERM PRIORITIES: Step back and examine what it is about your life that’s giving you too much stress.  What can you off-load, or change? How can you introduce a better balance between work, social life and home life? It’s time to reassess priorities.

IMPROVE YOUR LIFESTYLE: Find time to eat properly, get plenty of exercise and enough sleep.  Avoid drinking and smoking too much.  However much you believe they can help you to relax, they’ll have the opposite effect.

CONFIDE IN SOMEONE: Don’t keep emotions bottled up.



Information sourced from Mind Charity.

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