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KIT REPORT | Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Headphones

Since leaving the army with a medical discharge for loss of hearing, I’ve hunted for headphones that I could wear without putting in my ears, so not to damage my hearing any further.  Headphones to put in my ears were a no go, hook around the ear headphones still sat in the ear and so […]

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TETBURY WOOLSACK RACE | Tetbury Gloucestershire

I’ve done this race a few times and broken 3 world records over this course including the most hill reps carrying a 60lbs Woolsack in 12hrs.  Competitors run with 60lbs Woolsacks (35lbs for women) up the notorious Gumstool Hill in Tetbury, starting near the Royal Oak Pub at the Bottom and finishing The Crown, some […]

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MALDON MUD RACE | Maldon, Essex

400metres of Mud!!! This may not be the longest race you will ever do in your life unless you are a track sprinter but believe me you will pull yourself out of the mud at the finish line thinking youve just done a 10mile fell run! Every year (date around xmas/new year) over 200 competitors […]

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Energy | FOOD is Fuel

To successfully manage your body weight and body composition, it is important to realise that food is fuel, and is what provides energy to propel our bodies and to perform chemical reactions.  Food when its ingested is turned into energy through a process called oxidation.  The amount of energy provided by food is measured in […]

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Principles of a Good Trainer By Mike Buss Celebrity Trainer

Clients will be compelled to learn and put 100% in to the training you provide for them if they are interested and have incentive and can see the reason behind the training you are putting them through. To be a successful trainer, you must have a thorough knowledge of your subject and be aware of […]

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Sell The Dream | By mikebuss Celebrity Trainer

Part of the job of a personal trainer is to sell the dream and have the ability to back it up with the skills and experience our job and training has given us.  Most people’s dream is to lose weight and get fit in the quickest possible time. It’s your job as their trainer to […]

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Kit Test | OMM Kamleika Race Jacket

This has to be the ultimate racing lightweight waterproof jacket and for the outdoor athlete, fell runner and ultra runner who needs quality light weight kit, you can’t beat the Kamleika Race Jacket from OMM, I tested Both the over head smock version, and the full zip option.  The fabric used is called Galanots which […]

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BOOST Your Metabolic Rate With Exercise

Metabolic Rate (MR) refers to the energy that is released by the body to power all the processes to keep us alive…  Fitness Training and playing sport has a significant positive effect, increasing your metabolic rate by as much as 20% with regular exercise. Your metabolic isn’t just effected during exercise but even after exercise […]

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How Exercise Can Strengthen Your Bones

One in three women develops osteoporosis, caused by a gradual loss of bone mineral, which leaves the skeleton fragile and porous.  However, you can improve bone mineral density (BMD) by doing exercise to stimulate bone formation, according to Dr. Joan Bassey and Susie Dinan, advisors to the Osteoporosis Society. Here are their tips: Endurance activities […]

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Mikes Top Novice Marathon Training Tips

Adopt a holistic approach, it’s essential to look at your whole lifestyle when you are thinking about commencing a marathon training programme. Involve family and friends; there is a lot of training needed to complete a successful marathon, so involving family and friends into your new found obsession helps with any conflict of time consumed by your […]

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