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KISS Gyms | Not So Budget…

A number of budget gyms have recently spouted up in the hard ecconomical times that we are having right now, offering what seems to be cheap gym memberships affordable to everyone, but is this really true??? Ive checked out my local budget gym in Swindon called Kiss Gyms, they are a small chain of gyms […]

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SPA Weekends For Men | St Lucia

St. Lucia | Oasis Body Holiday: Been working hard and falling apart as a result? Book yourself onto the Oasis at LaSport.  The BodyHoliday is tailored to send you back to England a new man, a thinner new man! If you you get tired of massage treatments then you can take in the beautiful Carribean […]

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO LOOK AND FEEL GOOD. Discover how a fuss-free body and skincare routine can work for you, and find the best products for you.  WAKE YOUR BODY UP: Use a quality sponge, this is much better than using your hands for washing.  It creates more lather and leaves you feeling much cleaner. […]

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How Chiropractic Helps You Reach Your Health Goals

THREE TYPES OF CARE: INITIAL INTENSIVE CARE | CORRECTIVE CARE | ELECTIVE or WELLNESS CARE  Initial Intensive Care: If an ache, pain or other obvious symptom has prompted you to begin chiropractic care, the first thing you want is to feel better.  Visits will be frequent and your adjustments may be combined with other procedures […]

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FRUIT & VEG | Cut the Risk of Stroke

Eating more than the recomended five portions of fruit and veg a day can cut the risk of stroke, a study says: People who ate 3-5 cut the risk of stroke by 11% compared to those eating fewer than 3 portions. Source: The Lancet Report People who ate over 5 portions of fruit and veg […]

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FIT for TENNIS Circuit

Sets: x3 | Time: 60secs per exercise | Rest: 20secs between each set Powerbag Wood Chop Alternate Lunge and Twist (medball) Plank On the Spot Sprints Powerbag Side Lunges Press Ups Bent Over Row (Powerbag) Tricep Press (Powerbag)

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FIT for RUGBY Circuit

Here is a circuit to help you with your fitness for Rugby: Sets: x3 | 40sec each exercise | Rest: 20secs between each set Powerbag Burpees On the Spot Sprints Crunch Sit Ups Powerbag Lunges On the Spot Sprints Powerbag Squats Press Ups Alternate Squat Thrusts Dorsal Raises  

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HOT Gym | The Portable Go Anywhere Gym

I saw this product advertised in Mens Fitness a while back and had a look at the website and a few peoples reviews of the kit after purchasing and all sounds great… Ive spoken to the designer of the HOT GYM and looking to review this piece of kit myself from both a Personal Trainers point […]

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Barefoot Running | The Origional Barefoot Shoe

TERRA PLANA | VIVO Barefoot Shoe is said to be the origional Barefoot Shoe on the market. There are 200,000 nerve endings, 28 bones, 19 major muscles, 33 joint centre and 17 ligaments in the foot.  Barefoot running is said to be best for us – Ive personally never barefoot ran in my life and […]

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Choosing The Right Shoe | There’s No Single Best Shoe

There is no single best shoe, everyone has different needs.  Your weight, the surface you run on, and obviously the shape of your feet mean that one persons ideal shoe can be terrible for another. We divide our shoes into three main categories are: Cushioning Stability Motion Control And then the 3 minor categories are: […]

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