40-30-30 | The Ultimate Eating Plan to Lose Weight & Get in Shape

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This is no gimmick! This is no Diet! This is the way the human body was designed to fuel itself and the only way multiple world record breaking endurance athlete Mike Buss eats and is the only healthy eating plan endorsed by Mike which he also sets his clients.

With a record breaking pedigree and a 100% success rate with personal training clients, you may want to take notes…

What is the correct ratio of macronutrients?

For more than 40yrs, the food pyramid has been the way we have promoted healthy eating, a system that stems from the guidelines of the USDH (United States Department of Health).  The ratio of Carbohydrates, Protein and fats in this system are…

Carbohydrates 60%
Protein 15%
Fats 25%


You might be forgiven to think that it was the USDH that came up with the food pyramid; you would also think that extensive long-term research was conducted to get to these results, but you would be wrong…

The USDH did not actually even do this research; the research was actually conducted by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) who was keen to find a way of fattening up their livestock in the shortest time possible and came up with the following.

Carbohydrates 61%
Protein 10%
Fats 29%

This look familiar? That’s right; it looks very close to the USDH percentages.

Ever heard of the saying ‘eating like a pig’? when you look at the two food pyramids below from both the USDH & USDA, it’s easy to tell where the term came from.






So why have we been doing this? Well, in the late 1950s the US Government established the link between heart disease and saturated fat.  They told the American public to cut fat from their diet and in its place to eat more carbohydrates.  And by following this, it was stated that not only would the risk of heart disease lower, but also the incidence of obesity which had also started to increase around this time.

The chart below shows that in 1955, 40% of our calories came from fat, and in 1990 at maybe the height of the low fat diets regimes the calorie intake was down to 35% from fat.  At the same time, following this advice, the obesity rates went up.  In 1962, the obesity rate in the US was 1 in 4, and in 1990 it had increased to 1 in 3 (35%).










The American Diabetic Association who conducted this particular research, which is a highly respected organisation which was also backed up with a report in the American Journal of Medicine, a highly regarded research publication who reported that between the 1970s and 1980s, obesity increased by over 30%, at the same time fat intake dropped by 10% and even total calorie intake dropped by an average of 5%…  On average we are actually eating less calories, but still gaining body weight.

In 1978, 19% of the US public were eating low fat products, but in 1992, a staggering 76% were eating low fat products, yet the obesity rates grew from 25% to 35% over the same period.

Remember, we were originally told to eat less fat and eat more carbohydrates

The 40-30-30 Eating Plan endorsed by Mike Buss gives a scientifically proven way of eating.

40% Carbohydrate

30% Protein

30% Essential Fats


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