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Former British Soldier – World Record Breaking Endurance Athlete – Journalist – Motivational Speaker – TV Presenter

Mike Buss - Writer & Humanitarian

Mike Buss – Writer & Humanitarian

Mike Buss is a former British Infantry Soldier, who served nearly ten years in both the reserves and regular army.  Since leaving the army, Mike has become a world record breaking endurance athlete, breaking over 40 world endurance records, including running the furthest distance in 7days (517.25miles).

Mike has also become an internationally sort after fitness writer, writing for publications as far away as Men’s Health (Saudi Arabia) and hundreds of online fitness websites.

Since 2014 Mike has switched his main focus of writing to the refugee Crisis coming out of the Middle East, fleeing from ISIS, the Taliban and Government regimes Like President Assad of Syria.

Me handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

Me handing out biscuits to the refugee children of Kara Tepe Refugee Camp

The reporting on the refugee crisis, led to Mike coming up with the idea of writing a book to be called ‘MyRefugee Journey’…  Mike is currently on a year long journey, travelling to all countries affected by the refugee crisis coming out of the Middle East.  Mike has already been to the Calais Migrant Camp commonly known as the Jungle and to the Island of Lesvos where up until the EU-Turkey Agreement was the main route the refugees were taking into Europe via Turkey.  Along the way as well as interviewing volunteers, refugees, NGO (Non-Government Organisations) and Government Officials, Mike has also rolled up his sleeves as a volunteer helping refugees.

Mike’s My Refugee Journey will next take him to the Balkans and then onto Turkey, Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan, before heading back to Europe to see the effects the refugee crisis has had on countries such as Germany where many of the refugees/migrants are wanting to end up.

My Refugee Journey once published will donate all profits to help organisations supporting the refugees.

Mike first gained media attention from his endurance feats along with being featured on the cover of some of the top running and fitness magazines across the globe and has countlessly featured in the press and media nationally and internationally along with featuring live on ITN News and Sky News Sunrise.

In 2011, Mike was given his first TV Presenting role on Sky TVs Active Channel with his own show BOOTCAMPfitness showing how military fitness can help the normal civilian get fit.  Mike has also gained a new career as a writer for many publications from local publications to national and international publications including ‘Running Free, Running Fitness, Ultra Fit, Shape Magazine, The Times News Paper and Men’s Fitness.

But it hasn’t been all this rosy…  Mike was medically discharged from the army after standing close by to an IRA Car Bomb which left him partially deaf.  And although he temporarily made it into the reserves, his medical discharge from the regular army blocked him from getting anywhere and so left.

Mike’s passion for pushing himself past what is thought humanly possible has given him a platform to raise money for forces charities including Help for Heroes, Veterans in Action, The Royal British Legion and many more to the sum of over £100,000.

Mike has been reported in the press to be the Worlds Fittest Man on numerous occassions, a title that Mike has accepted as an accolade and honoured that people would consider this, but to Mike its away’s been about the brave men and women that come home from operations such as Iraq & Afghanistan and previous conflicts the British Armed Forces have been involved in that end up needing help due to their injuries.

If you are interested in using Mikes services and expertise then contact via email: activelifeuk@hotmail.com