ABOUT mikebussPT

The mikebussPT Fitness Centre was set up by Mike Buss, Swindons Top Personal Fitness Trainer and World Record Breaking Endurance Athlete to help the people of Swindon get fit.

The Fitness Centre was set up in August 2012 with the view to knock down all barriers to fitness – More recently in the poor ecconomical times, one of the biggest barriers to fitness has been financial.

Even many middle income families have had to tighten the purse strings and look at their gym membership of between £35 and £75per month and ask themselves is it a luxury or not.

“Fitness should not be considered a luxury” says founder Mike Buss, everyone should have the right to access professional fitness and advice and why Mike set the mikebussPT Fitness Centre up.

The Fitness Centre is currently a not for profit organisation and is looking to become a charity by the summer of 2013.  With this Mike has secured a number of grants and sponsors nationally and locally to help set the centre up and give the people of Swindon the very best health and fitness advice at the most affordable price.

The membership of just £10per month has been guarenteed to stay at this level for the next 5yrs and with an expansion to double the size of the gym by the end of 2013, Mike and his team are set to get Swindon into the Fitest shape of its life!

Team Members:

Founder – Mike Buss ( 01793 977 631 or 07791 356 482)

Co-Founder & Marketing Director – Helen Wright (01793 977 631)

Beauty Salon Manager – Hayley Gidley (07771 634 546)

Personal Trainer – Anton Hedges (07796 056 621)

The mikebussPT Fitness Centre, The Old School House, Maxwell Street, Swindon, SN1 5DR

Tel: 01793 977 631 or email: activelifeuk@hotmail.com