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Mike Buss the founder of founded the website over 10yrs ago after hitting the media as a professional world record breaking athlete.

Since then the website has gone from promoting Mike as a professional athlete to a FREE Health & Fitness website and more recently as Mike retired from competing as an athlete and turned to Journalism focusing not only on his specialist field of Health & Fitness, but also writing about the refugee crisis & terrorism coming out of the Middle East.

From the topics Mike has covered as a journalist, the website now has 60,000 regular readers per month along with thousands of social media followers.

Because of this your company has a great opportunity to Advertise with a website with a large reader base.  Advertising is lower than you may think so why not get in touch to find out more details.

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Advertising Sticker:

On the right hand side of the website you will find a number of adverts from not just small/medium business, but also large National & International Business.  These adverts appear on every one of the pages of the website which currently stands at around 20,000 pages.  These adverts are also links to the businesses advertised which means gives you around 20,000 links to your website raising your google status.


Why have just an advert when you can have an advertorial…  Studies have shown more people take notice of advertorial than they do normal adverts.  With you can have a dedicated webpage with text and pictures to promote your business.


As a professional award winning personal trainer for over 20yrs, along with being a former professional endurance athlete for over 10yrs, Mike has a wealth of experience of reviewing kit in the world of sport and fitness.  Have your products reviewed on dedicated webpages.

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