Alex Reid Joins Master Wong at His Live Event

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Master Wong Has Agreed To Share The Shocking Secrets That Give Him Unstoppable Energy – And How He Used This To Create A Profitable Tribe Of Followers…
Marketing Summit 2017 is truly unlike anything ever before.


To celebrate gaining a million followers, Master Wong, is inviting you – his loyal followers – to join him in the celebrations.

But that’s not all. Wong wants to use this opportunity to thank you – and to teach you how he did it.
For The First Time Ever, Master Wong will be sharing with you his entire journey…
From how he became a Wing Chun Master, to how he used social media to build up a massive following, to how made this into a successful business generating heaps of passive income.

IMG_1232But That’s Not All:
Wong will show you how he is able to access a limitless resource of energy when practising Wing Chun – and how you can do the same…
Wong will show you how to master social media using the tried & tested strategies that earned Master Wong his 1,000,000 (and counting) subscribers…
Wong will show you the importance of contribution and giving to a greater purpose, and how you can live a more fulfilled life, today…
Master Wong Has Mastered The Mindsets And Systems…
Master Wong Has A Few Extra Surprises Up His Sleeve Too…
“A Live Demo Where Wong Will Teach You How To Access This Limitless Energy Resource”
Master Wong is known for his popularity on Youtube as one of the most recognised martial artists online with expert proficiency in Wing Chun, Tai Chi & JKD.

Over many dedicated years he has crafted his self-defence platform into a loyal fan-base of almost 600,000 subscribers, and attracting 100 million viewers on his channel.

However, his climb to success wasn’t an easy foe to begin with. Arriving into the UK at 10, he was bullied, and often found himself in fights.

The countless scuffles and encounters with aggressors meant that at 14 he was kicked out of school, with teachers doubting his ability to find success because of his compromised reading, writing and speaking.
This opportunity led Master Wong to focus his martial arts training, but trouble had never left him. His conflicts had evolved from playground to the streets and he became involved with many gang clashes.

After many revelations he left the gang and tried swore to a different life. Working tirelessly for 3 years he saved scraps to open a takeaway business, but this proved to be a passionless pursuit.

With a burning desire to inspire the next generation of warriors, Master Wong took his love for martial arts online, and spent over a decade building his academy teaching millions his mind-set, training & philosophy.

Master Wong’s 4 Pillars of Success:

The purity of your intent

The focus of your will

The level of your awareness

The quality of your character



Master Wong is also Proud to announce a very special guest…  ALEX REID
“MMA & Kickboxing Champion, Actor, Winner Of Big Brother…”
Alex Reid has prolific experience across mixed martial arts, acting and kickboxing. At just 14 years old Reid was participating in MMA tournaments and, in 2000, had his professional debut. He has since fought world famous fighters and featured on primetime television such as Hollyoaks & Celebrity Big Brother.

From fighting in the army to acting in movies to fighting international fighters, Reid has faced extreme highs and lows whilst in the limelight. Reid has proven himself capable of succeeding as a champion in spite of any mounting pressure, obstacles or adversities.

Also appearing is TIM HAN “CEO/Founder of SuccessInsider.TV, Master Practitioner of NLP, Digital Sales & Marketing Expert”

ERIC HO “Celebrity Speaker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Founder Of H Giving Nonprofit”

IMG_1233 IMG_1237


This is a highly motivational event!

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