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Not Just a Lot of Hot Air?

At the Chun Do Sun Bup Ki Energy Institute, a 6000year old Taoist Healing tradition is healing 21st Century Ills…  Based in London, the institute the Masters treat up to 30 patients a day from 5am to 11pm and get this for no pay!

Chun Do Sun Bup is not new, nor is it particularly mystical.  At its core is the belief that Ki is healthy, harmonious and flowing freely, vessels tend to be healthy.  Stress, disease or emotional impediments, however, can build like calcified blockages in the body, restricting the movement of energy, slowing it down and turning it toxic.

Chun Do Sun Bup mounts an attack on this and a 10min treatment aims to open up all of the body’s 365 energy channels and 84,000 Ki pores by disarming them with sound (sharp intakes of breath and low hissing sounds) and then working on the energy knot using fingers.

The whole body is worked on, from the energetic highways to deep within the abdomen area, detoxifying throughout and charging the cells with vital energy that the master transmits from himself to you.  All blockages require deep work but specific ailments resist more.  Hereditary problems appear like hardened knots.  To intensify effects, clients can pair treatments with training in t’ai-chi-like exercises, chanting meditation designed to quiet the mind and align the energetic body.

It has to be said, Ive never had this alternative treatment, but talking to msny people in looking at this subject that had been treated, were mostly pro for the treatment.

The negative side of this however is that there does seem to be some sort of scam behind it, financially pulling people deeper into the set up, offering more training that does eventually cost.  The treatment itself does seem to work from all accounts but, once treatment is finished and the results astound the client/patient, some can be sucked into parting with money for training and this is where maybe a road you shouldnt go down.

Scam or not financially this is a 6000yr old healthing treatment that does seem to work.

By Mike Buss | Celebrity Personal Trainer

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