Are You Fit For Snow Sports? Part 1

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Winter is fast approaching and many will be hitting the slopes of Europe and North America/Canada – So I thought Id take a look at Fitness For the Snow…

Try and think of a sport/activity that involves anyone from the couch potato and complete novice to get to the start of an event or activity, cold, stiff, half awake and not warmed up and yet able to reach dangerous speeds – Snow Sports encourage participants to just wrap up warm and not worry too much about safety gear such as crash helmets, padding etc.  And then shoot down a hill at high speeds and unpredictable terrain.  This sporting activity also allows anyone with no experience at all with no training to do this with maybe only a short session on the baby slope with one of the ski instructors in the area.

This article is about helping people looking to hit the slopes this winter and explain why you should get SNOW FIT.


The same reason you get fit for any sport, but with so many stories from people coming home from that expensive ski resort having only hit the slopes a couple of times due to not being able to cope with the aches and pains after only the second day on the slopes due to not being strong enough or fit enough it just seems such a waste of money on what should be a fun packed adventurous holiday!

Then to mention about the more serious injuries from fractures to ligament damage that could leave you in hospital for the rest of your holiday, you start to understand why getting Snow Fit is rather important.

Being fit for the snow, will enhance your fun and time on the slopes, allowing you to achieve a much higher level of skill and ability on the slopesand at the same time help prevent injury.

The unfit human body is not designed to react fast enough to prevent injury at speed, so hitting the slope with cold muscles, an unfit body, when that balance is lost or a mound is hit at speed turning you into a tumbling human snowball severe injuries can happen.

By Mike Buss | Celebrity Personal Trainer

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