Beverley Callard Comes to mikebussPT Fitness Centre to Help Get Swindon Fit

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ACTRESS and fitness fanatic Beverley Callard will be working up a sweat at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre with a number of lucky Swindon Advertiser readers when she appears at the Wyvern Theatrethis month.

Beverley, who is best known for playing Liz McDonald in Coronation Street, will be hosting an introduction to fitness class on May 14 – Five lucky readers have already won a pair of tickets to this exclusive workout session at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre.

Speaking to Mike Buss about this Event, Mike said “Im really excited about Beverley coming to my gym, the talk and vibe around the gym right now is buzzing!”

Mike went on to say “We are looking forward to a host of celebs coming to the mikebussPT Fitness Centre over the next 12months and really looking to kick it off with a fitness Bang with Beverley Callard”

Beverley is in town performing at the Wyvern Theatre in ’The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’, which runs from May 13 to 18, and said everyone taking part will enjoy themselves.

“They will have a great time,” said Beverley, who has been a fitness instructor for 30 years.

“I usually start off with a bit of a chat and then put them through a workout class.

“I think we’ll be doing a bit of body chiselling in Swindon, but it will be tailored to the fitness levels of those taking part in the class.

“As soon as I see someone I know what I am going to do with them and how best to get them to achieve their potential.

“I am the best there is. I know that might sound a bit immodest but I am.

“I can read people’s bodies. Nobody in any of my classes ever looks at the clock as they are all having a good time. They love it.”


Fitness is something that has always been a part of Beverley’s life and she has run her career as an instructor alongside her career as an actress.

And she said taking on the role of Mari in Little Voice has given her a glimpse at what her life would be like without exercise.

“I would say I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without exercise, but I can now as I had to put on two stone to play the role,” she said.

“Mari is a real juggernaut and is supposed to be lumpy and bumpy, so I’ve had to cut down.

“Which is another reason why I’m really looking forward to taking the class in Swindon. I can’t wait.”

The session will take place at mikebussPT Fitness Centre on Tuesday, May 14, from 2pm until 4pm.

And in addition to the pair of tickets, the winners will also receive one month’s free membership at the fitness centre, in Maxwell Street, courtesy of Mike Buss.


For more information about the mikebussPT Fitness Centre go to:

Membership at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre in Maxwell Street, Swindon is just £10per month.

Contact Number is: 07791 356 482

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