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The Digestive System

We all know that food is actually there for energy, to survive…  But most of us eat food as a luxury, for comfort and enjoyment.  This however causes problems for our digestive system. The digestive system processes the food we eat, to provide us with the virtual nutrients that help our bodies to run smoothly. […]

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Your Heart Explained Simply

Your heart is a very strong muscle that works non-stop.  It pumps blood around your body.  The blood carries oxygen and food to keep your body working.  Your heart is so strong that it only takes a minute to pump blood to your toes and back again! The right side of your heart sends blood […]

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Your Body Explained Simply

Your body is an amazing machine! It has lots of different parts that work closely together to make it possible for you to live and grow. Your brain is at the centre of this and controls your whole body. As you breathe, you take in oxygen needed for your whole body. Your digestive system takes […]

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Over Training – Are You At Risk? Overtraining syndrome is an imbalance between the time spent training and recovering, exercise and exercise capacity, stress and stress tolerance.  Stress is the sum of training and non-training factors. ARE YOU AT RISK? Overtraining syndrome is a condition brought on by regular, excessive, high-intensity, high volume exercise, resulting […]

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