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KEY WORDS TO FITNESS CV (CARDIOVASCULAR) Exercise which works the heart and lungs, eg: bike, rowing or running. AEROBIC Aerobic means “with oxygen”.  Aerobic exercise is any exercise where sufficient oxygen can be breathed in to supply all the relevant muscles and allow them to continue working. ANAEROBIC Anaerobic means “without oxygen”.  Anaerobic exercise is […]

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TRAINING PRINCIPLES The F.I.T.T. Principle Of Training Can Be Applied To All Methods Of Training. FITT Means: Frequency:  The number of times each week that you train, for maximum benefit you should be doing at least 3sessions per week. Intensity:  The level of which you workout at.  This can be measured by Heart-Rate. Time:  Length […]

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Your Body Explained Simply

Your body is an amazing machine! It has lots of different parts that work closely together to make it possible for you to live and grow. Your brain is at the centre of this and controls your whole body. As you breathe, you take in oxygen needed for your whole body. Your digestive system takes […]

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POTTED SPORTS A potted sports event can be used to entertain and exercise physical and mental skills, strength, determination and team work. It can accommodate varying numbers of people with varying degrees of fitness and ability. It should be purposeful and carefully organised. ACTIVITIES: There are four main types of activity: Athletics, eg: long jump, […]

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RELAY RACE – THE AIMS The Aims of Relay Races Are: To achieve a training effect level of activity by semi continuous physical activity. To encourage competitive spirit. To encourage team spirit. To add enjoyment to physical training. Method: The aim is achieved by making participants compete against each other in small teams. Each participant […]

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