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Best Foods To Eat When Sick

Like everyone reading this, I hate getting sick, so did you know that as well as getting plenty of rest, did you know that choosing the right food can also get you on the road to feeling better? Here are some great suggestions to help you feeling better again: Spicy Foods: Spicy food can be good […]

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YAKULT – Get In Tune With Your Digestive System

Yakult has been around since 1935 when it was introduced in Japan. millions of people take Yakult daily to help with the smooth running of their digestive system which is important to your health. How Does Yakult Work? Yakult’s active ingredient, Lactobacillus casei Shirota, helps maintain good conditions in our intestines.  These friendly lactic acid […]

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FLUID – Facts

FLUID – Facts: The importance of drinking water… Most people do not drink enough water and may unknowingly suffer from effects of minor dehydration almost every day. Dehydration symptoms include feeling lethargic, fatigue, suffering from headaches or a lack of concentration. The best way to see if you are taking enough fluid is to check […]

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The Cholesterol Conundrum

Cholesterol occurs naturally in the body and plays a vital role in how every cell wall in the body functions.  However, too much cholesterol in the blood can increase the risk of coronary heart disease in the UK are due to raised cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore it is very important to eat healthily. […]

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Reduce Your Risk

You can reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease by: Not being over weight Eating less saturated fat Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day Eating fewer sugary snacks and drinks Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and not exceeding the recommended guidelines Not smoking Exercise regularly Reduce your stress levels and learn to […]

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It is important to understand the need to keep your body hydrated.  Whenever you exercise you lose fluid, not only through sweating but also water vapour in the air that you breath out.  The harder and longer you exercise and the hotter and more humid the environment the more fluid you will lose.  If this […]

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Drink More Water!

Water is one of the most important ingredients that your body needs.  And yet, most people do not consume enough of this vital fluid. Never Underestimate the Value of Water: Water regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen, carries away waste, helps detoxify the kidneys and liver, dissolves vitamins and minerals and cushions the body […]

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WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today

WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today This is a FREE challenge for you and your business to get active. Sign Up for FREE today and you could win prizes when your workplace becomes active! CHALLENGE COLLEAGUES – CHALLENGE FRIENDS – CHALLENGE YOURSELF In partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the WORKPLACE CHALLENGE has […]

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ARE YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS FORGOTTON? Well we’re coming to the end of January and many of you have probably already ditched your New Year’s resolutions. So is January really a great time to set resolutions to get fit and lose weight? Maybe the summer is a better time to think of this, with longer […]

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Supporting people away from self harming and self injuring behaviour and encouraging them towards self-empowerment. PASH@swindonmind supports individuals from the age of 16 years onwards A WARM WELCOME AND NON-JUDGEMENTAL Self Harm Information, Support & Advice P.A.S.H offers a wide range of information, advice and professional support in a safe and comfortable environment or by […]

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