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Controversial Study Puts Blame on Working Mums For Childhood Obesity

A study has claimed working mothers (and not dads) are responsible for childhood obesity – and mums have something to say about it. The study collated data from children born between 2000 and 2002, and came to the conclusion that the children of single mums working full-time were almost 25 per cent more likely to […]

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Sweet Success – Sugar Tax is on its Way

Researchers at Oxford University say the sugar tax put in place by Government that will come into place a year from now will slash obesity among young children by 10%.  They predict that drinks manufacturers will respond by cutting sugar to minimise taxes.  Hopefully this will also cut cases of type 2 diabetes and improve […]

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First Ever Rocker Mini BMX Jam Comes to Rush Skatepark

On Wednesday 25th August, Rush Skatepark played host to the world’s first ever Rocker Mini BMX Jam where Pro-Riders from as far as Europe came to show off their skills and inspire the next generation of kids to take up this latest skatepark craze that is currently sweeping across the US, Europe and Japan in […]

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Top Ten Tips to Building Muscle for Teens

Here are 10 rules that will help you make great muscle-building progress.   You will not gain muscle if you do not train hard. ·  You must eat enough all day every day and create a calorie surplus. ·  Make sure the food you intake is of healthy choices.   10 Simple Rules To Teenage […]

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FITkidz Half Term Fit Camp 28th – 31st May 2013 @ mikebussPT Fitness Centre

FITkidz Fitness & Activity Camp is back!!! And BIGGER Than Before! For ages 5yrs to 10yrs (Primary School Age) After the success of our Easter FITkidz Camp we have extened the hours to a full morning of fun and fitness. Activities wil include, team games, kids introduction to first aid, team building activities to promote […]

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Asthma in Young Athletes Linked to Polution

According to American Scientists, children who play sport in areas with high levels of air polution are 3 times more likely to develop asthma than other youngsters. Researchers at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California showed ozone can contribute to asthma. Reducing levels of ozone is the ideal solution, but […]

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Get Your Kids Active With Lazy Town – Bing Bang (Time to Dance)

LazyTown has become a world wide phenomena that really has the power to help you get your kids active and healthy with lots of fun along the way!

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KIDZ MOVE | Powered by fitpro

FitPro have teamed up with childrens favourite, Lazy Town, to bring you KidzMove – the essential programme for anyone passionate about getting children active! Developed specifically for the health and fitness industry, KidzMove offers health club opperators and fitness instructors the opportunity to co-brand with a world wide kids hit TV licence, guarenteeing children have […]

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Fit Families | Fit Kidz | A Fitter Tomorrow Starts Today

Rule of thumb does sadly depict that if the parents are unhealthy, and over weight that the kids will follow down the same path, so for fit kids think about yourselves and how your lifestyle is and lead by example and have a healthy fit family. Go to the park, get out and about doing […]

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A Hi-Tec Guide to Buying Children’s Outdoor Footwear

If you are thinking about buying your child a new pair of Hi-Tec walking boots, multi activity shoes or holiday sandals, an essential piece of kit for all your families outdoor activities, it’s crucial that you purchase footwear that fits correctly, as incorrect fitting will cause damage and discomfort to their growing feet not alone […]

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