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BOKWA Revolution Hits Swindon

BOKWA Fitness is the new up and coming dance fitness program comprised of cardio respiratory endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility to hit the Dance and Fitness Industry. BOKWA Fitness is energetic, exciting, exuberant and exhilarating and consistently remains challenging, however is tailored for every type of individual to guide and assist with weight loss. BOKWA […]

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Food of the Rainbow, Keeping You Healthy

Red | Good for Healthy Skin Cherries – Strawberries – Red Grapes – Red Apples – Beetroot – Red Bell Peppers – Tomatoes – Radishes   Orange | Good for Improving Eyesight Mangoes – Peaches – Oranges – Nectarines – Butternut Squash – Carrots – Yams (Sweet Potatoes)   Yellow & White | Good for […]

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KIDS | Healthy Eating

What exactly is meant by healthy eating?  Put simply, most experts, including the World Health Organisation agree that we all should be eating 5portions of fruit and vegetable every day to help maintain good health.  Some health experts are even stating that due to general pollution in the air, we should be eating as much […]

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Healthy School Lunchbox for Kids

Be creative in preparing your kids lunchboxes and have a good mixture of fruit and vegetables.  Add a healthy drink, such as a small carton of unsweetened apple juice or water.  As a father myself, I know how much time is precious but you should always find time for your kids and have their health […]

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Young Smokers at Risk of Anxiety in Later Life

Teenagers who smoke are much likely to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders later in life.  A study of 16yr olds who smoked a packet a day found that by the age of 22yrs they were up to 12times more likely to have nervous disorders. The researchers said they hoped the findings would help […]

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BBC Good Food Show | Birmingham NEC 13-17 June 2012

If you love food then a show like this is for you, with celebrity chefs and companies showing the very best in cooking and in particular good healthy home cooking.  The BBC Good Food Show Summer, will be returning to the NEC Birmingham from 13-17 June 2012 from 9am – 6pm daily. Join us for […]

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HERBs | Natural Goodness

Ancient cultures from the east have long seen and used herbs as natural remedies for good health. By growing your own herbs, you will have your own instant access to remedies for coughs, colds, stomach upsets and headaches. So here’s a short guide to what herbs do what and how to use them. Lavender: Lavender […]

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