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Mike Featured in | 2010

World Best Bleep Test Scores The beep or bleep test, or more correctly known as the Multistage Shuttle Run Test, is a test of aerobic (endurance) fitness that is a common  test undertaken by many team sports and school groups. See a description of the Beep Test. The test involves running between two markers 20 […]

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Mike Featured in | Feb 2010

FIVE WORLD RECORDS IN ONE WEEKEND: Mike Buss in Support of Help for Heroes @ Swindon Designer Outlet Tuesday 23rd February, Swindon, United Kingdom – This weekend 35 year old Mike Buss, former member of The Royal Green Jackets who began his army career aged 16 at the Territorial Army centre in Swindon, broke five […]

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Mike Buss Featured in Daily Telegraph | Jan 2010

Former soldier smashes world treadmill record Mike Buss, a former soldier, has run into the record books by covering more   than 500 miles in a week on a treadmill. Mr Buss broke the previous record of 468 miles in seven days on Friday – his   sixth day of running. By the deadline of noon on […]

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