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Sports Personality of The Year | 2011

In March 2011 whilst Mike was running across the Arctic, Wiltshire Life Magazine Awarded Mike the Sports Personality of The Year Award for his professional sporting career that has spanned 8yrs, breaking over 40 world records and taking on some of the toughest endurance races around the world. In his absence at the Awards Dinner, […]

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6633 Arctic Ultra | 2011

The Canadian Arctic can produce temperatures of -40 degrees C and more, and when wind chill adds to the cold the temperture can plumit around -70degrees C… For Mike Buss, a former Army Arctic Survival Intructor, the 6633 Arctic Ultra really appealled.  A 105mile race on foot, fully self suficient pulling a sledge full of […]

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Marathon des Sables 2011

The Marathon des Sables is possibly the toughest footrace on the planet and a Meca for ultra runners from around the world every year…  For Mike Buss it was one of his life time dreams to take part in the race. The Marathon des Sables is a 6 day / 151 mile (243km) endurance race […]

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