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Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance Personal Training | At The City Gym – London 44 – 48 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LB  

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The Good Old PRESS-UP

What is a press-up I here you ask? The next time you go to your local gym, have a good look around and see if anyone is doing the good old press-up anymore, well not in most gyms. Most gym users are blinded by the sophisticated modern gym equipment nowadays that the old press up, […]

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Hitting HARD

Yoga is out and hardcore workouts are in!  Bootcamp, fitness, circuit training, spinning and boxing.  This article is dedicated to boxing training, so grab your gloves and get ready to SWEAT! Hardcore training has continued to become extremely popular and accessories like boxing gloves, heart rate monitors, skip ropes and kettlebells. Gyms too such as […]

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