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GENIE BRA | As Seen in OK Magazine

NO WIRES, NO HOOKS, NO ADJUSTING STRAPS A Pack of 3 for Just £39.95 + FREE P&P This smooth seamless cup design bra eliminates embrassing bulges, lines & creases. Stretches to any shape or bust, doubles as a camisole. Simple sizing with no need for chest measurements or cup sizes – just pick your dress […]

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ACHES & PAINS | A Step by Step Guide for Runners

Common Injuries: Injuries and running can often go hand in hand, every runner at some stage will get some aches and pains but with a bit of knowledge can help you treat painful symptoms and prevent in the first place.  With an increased self awareness, you can prevent serious injury and have some great running […]

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Preventing Injury: Injury is a killer to our training and fitness progression, All that hard earnt progress from training lost because of an injury that often can be prevented in the first place. So how can you protect yourself and your running training?  Firstly you will need to get back in touch with your feet, […]

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RUNcheck | Get your running check up with mikebussPT

RUNcheck is designed to make sure your muscles and joints are in the best condition for running and to help you to maximise your performance and reduce injury.  Whether youve decided to run your first race, or you are an experienced marathon runner, RUNcheck will give you the best out of your running. Mike Buss […]

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Marathon Pacing

So how do you get that marathon time you are after? Well by working out your pacing for each mile and key marker points is a great way to keep you on track. Finish Time(Target) Half Marathon Target Mile Pace 2hrs 59mins 1hr 29mins 30secs 6mins 50secs 3hrs 30mins 1hr 45mins 8mins 3hrs 56mins 1hr […]

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Tips to Increase Your Running Speed

If you are a passionate runner like me, then you are sure to enjoy going out several times a week for a relaxing jog. Running is a great way to stay fit and toned, as well as manage your weight. Running also drastically increases your heart rate and speeds up your metabolism, allowing you to […]

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XNRG Ultra Race Series | March 2012 News

So the ultra season is well under way with numerous events taking place up and down the country. It was great to see so many of you at the Centurion Running Thames Path 100 the other weekend and congratulations to all of you for completing such a gruelling event under some very testing conditions, it […]

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Mikes Top Novice Marathon Training Tips

Adopt a holistic approach, it’s essential to look at your whole lifestyle when you are thinking about commencing a marathon training programme. Involve family and friends; there is a lot of training needed to complete a successful marathon, so involving family and friends into your new found obsession helps with any conflict of time consumed by your […]

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X-SOCKS | Accumulator Run Sock for the long distance runner

This partial compression sock has been developed especially for the long distance runner, so when I was looking around for the best sock possible for my needs as an Ultra Runner, I jumped at the chance to trial these socks and they have definitely come up top trumps! The partial compression stabilises your muscles, improves […]

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What should I take to a Race?

Novice | Experienced Club Runner | Athlete Just don’t forget to bring these essential pieces of kit to your next race… Hat or visor & Sunglasses: Protection from the sun and to help you look the part, remember the sun doesn’t need to be hot, if it’s sunny protect yourself. I recommend the X-Bionic Visor […]

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