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The U.K. has one of the worlds worst records for heart disease.  Each year more than 300,000 suffer from heart attacks.

So what is the main course? The worse culprit is too much saturated fat in our diet.  Saturated fat is converted by the liver into blood cholesterol, high levels of which are very closely linked to heart disease.

Our liver makes more than one type of blood cholesterol.  One has earned the reputation of being good, while another type has become known as bad cholesterol.  The good cholesterol is called high density lipoprotein cholesterol or HDL.  It actually helps clear up surplus cholesterol from our blood stream.  Low density lipoprotein, or LDL, is known as bad cholesterol and it carries cholesterol from the liver to the blood vessels.  All of us have a certain amount of both types in our blood at all times.  The more good HDL and the less bad LDL colesterol we have in our blood, the better it is for our hearts.


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