Could Fake Tan be the Next Cancer Scare?

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Fake Tan has been hitting the news lately due to the chemicals in them that have now been said to cause birth defects, misscarriages and skin cancer.  So is the use of fake tan just another scare or is it time to call it a day on Fake Tan???

Personally Ive tried it a couple of times after we had the warnings about sunbeds but I just didnt like the orange look that is joked about in the press about the likes of the stars of TOWIE.  However Ive known friend to have used fake tan for over 10yrs and no issues, but research is now suggesting that Fake Tan is the latest cancer timebomb.

So what do they say?

Well, the ingredients of fake tan are said to contain hormonal disrupting compounds known as gender benders.  Other chemicals are said to include allergy causing skin irritants, substants that release poisons including cancer causing Formaldehyde and Nitrosamines.

Pregnant women have also been suggested that they dont use fake tan due to research of increased birth defects and misscarriages.  Also women looking to get pregnant are warned to stop wearing fake tan as it is suggested that it also effects fertility.

Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline McGlade says “It would be prudent to take a precautionary approach to many of these chemicals until their effects are more fully understood”.

She also goes on to say “They may be a contributing factor behind the significant increases in cancers, diabetes and obesity and falling fertility.  Its the cocktail effect.”

There have been many other official organisations such as the UK charity Chem Trust that have also given warnings out about the use of fake tan.  So far though there have been no official comment stating this is fact and will give you cancer, they are stating though that we should be cautious about using such products and that they just suggest not to use them and warn it could increase our chances of ill health such as skin cancer.

My suggestion is if you are worried about it, stop useing fake tan, see a doctor and get medical advice.

By Mike Buss | Celebrity Personal Trainer. 

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