Half Marathon Training With Mike Buss | Part 1

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Follow Mike over the next six weeks, giving you top advice for your preparations for your next Half Marathon.

SIX WEEKS TO GO – The 5 Ps – Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance:

So you’ve decided to run! Great news, if you haven’t signed up to a half marathon yet why not try this year’s Swindon Half, log onto www.swindonhalfmarathon.co.uk or phone 01793 511033 for your entry form.  Millions of pounds every year are raised from people like you entering runs up and down the country, from 5km to full marathons.

So what do you need to do to have a good race? First of all a good pair of trainers, if you look after your feet, your feet will look after you! Check out ‘The Big Adventure Store’ in West Swindon or go to www.thebigadventurestore.co.uk  where although it took 3 weeks to find the right running shoe for me, it was time worth spent. I went through all the brand names possible and now currently wearing HiTec.  Many of my races involve long distance and carrying heavy packs on my back  over cross country routes, so I needed a very supportive shoe, and waterproof shoe and after trying all the top brands the HiTec V-Lite Infinity Pro are doing the job for me and now my chosen shoe for running.

So you’ve sorted your shoes, what else do you need to do in preparation for race day? You need to look at your training program, nutrition, and the days leading up to race day and race day itself.  These topics and more I will be covering over the next six weeks leading up to your next Half Marathon.

Finally, here are my top 5 reasons why you should start running today:

  1. Charity – Do something great, and raise money for a charity, and help other people out, you will not only feel great for helping others but you will also be fitter and healthier.
  2. It keeps you young – Exercising regularly each week is the best and most natural thing you can do to fight the aging effects of life, and apart from buying a pair of running shoes, running is FREE!
  3. Running takes care of your heart – The biggest risk to your heart is high blood pressure, obesity and lack of physical exercise.  Running reduces your blood pressure as well as significantly improving the ratio of good and bad cholesterol and helps to reduce your fat levels.
  4. It tackles stress – anxiety and blues, it’s all over the news with people losing jobs and having to reduce their hours due to the recession; it’s a proven fact that exercising releases endorphins into the body that act like a happy drug.  Many studies have shown how much more optimistic runners are and research by the mental health charity MIND found that exercising worked better than medication in improving their mental health of a group of volunteers.  I too have seen proof of this with a client of mine who had suffered from depression for many years and had taken medication for the whole of this time, very soon after taking on regular exercise with me as her trainer she came off her medication and several years after taking regular exercise she is still off the medication.  Many other studies have also found that rhythmic exercise such as running is one of the best ways to get rid of stress and anxiety.
  5. Boost your sex life – People who regularly exercise have a higher libido than people that don’t exercise, due to the increased levels of testosterone and endorphins.  Also running and other forms of exercise help give you the body that you want and gives you more confidence about yourself and your body.

There are many other reasons why you should take up running, so get those running shoes on, get out there and I will see you next week with some more advice and tips on training for all your running needs.

For more details on successful running, health and fitness advice or personal training contact Mike Buss on: 07791 356 482 or email Mike at:  activelifeuk@hotmail.com


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