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I lost a lot of my hearing during my time in the army whilst out on a vehicle patrol in N. Ireland, ever since then Ive had a keen interest in ‘hearing’ and its effect on peoples lives…

You do not need to spend very long in a night club to recieve dangerous levels of noise.  Take a few minutes away from the dance floor when you can.

Try not to listen to your ipods and MP3 Players in noisy places, you could be turning up the sound levels without realising it.  Having had hearing issues for over 12yrs Ive been put off using head phones, but I came across the Adidas Running headphones which wrap around the back of the head and can even allow you to wear them with the ear pieces sat behind the ears and not in them and still get great sound quality.

Wear ear plugs if you know you are going somewhere particularly noisy.  Musicians commonly wear ear plugs to block out harmful brass and precussion sounds.

Try not to use headphones for a prolonged time.

Dont be fooled by symptoms such as ringing in the ear being only temporary.  As a general rule, noise may damage your hearing if you shout to make yourself heard.  I have that ringing in the ears, its there all the time, but having had it for many years, Ive got so used to it that I forget its there, but it doesnt stop.  Damage builds up over time and with repeated exposure to loud noises.  The harm you are causing now may not be apparent until later life.

GIVE UP SMOKING, research has highlighted cases where premature hearing loss was exacerbated by heavy smoking.

The maximum time you should be exposed to a sound of 115 decibels is two minutes a week.  Be aware that loud music from the likes of night clubs and films in cinemas can get all too close to this level.

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