Its Not Too Late – Exercise Can Increase Fitness Levels of The Older Generation

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Its never too late…  According to scientists of the National Institute of Aging in the US, its not too late to start exercise and increase your fitness levels, even for those in their 60s.  The research found that an aerobic exercise programme for sedentary older people improves cardiovascular function regardless of prior physical conditioning.

Age is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.  The number of cases of heart disease and stroke rise steeply after the age of 65yrs, accounting for more than 40% of all deaths among people age 65 to 74yrs and almost 60% at the age of 85yrs and above.

Older people have less reserve mechanisms to augment their heart function during physical activities than younger people do.  Aerobic exercise can offset normal aging of the heart by making it a better pump, even for those who begin later in life, at age 60-70yrs.  In other words, you dont lose the ability to get into condition, you can improve your hearts pump function, which declines with aging.

Aerobic Exercise Helps At Any Fitness Level:

Previous studies have shown that older people can benefit from aerobic exercise, but a novel aspect of the NIA study found that the relative benefits were the same regardless of how fit they were when they started exercising.

Lifting Weights To Boost Aging Metabolism:

Over 50? Its not too late to get fit...

Over 50? Its not too late to get fit…

A comprehensive study has made findings about why the metabolism slows as people age.  The study showed that gradual loss of body cells, especially those high-energy consuming muscle cell that can help explain why older people put on weight.

After the age of 30yrs old, its found that we lose 1% efficiency in our metabolism for the rest of our lives.  Slowing our metabolism and increasing weight.

So scientists have suggested that changes in hormones, immune function or other factors may depress resting metabolism with aging.  But the latest scientific findings show that older people can regain some of their youthfulness and speed up their metabolism by regular muscle-building exercise.

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