Lance Armstrong, From Sporting Legend to Sporting Cheat

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After a two part, nearly 3hr long interview, the once highly regarded Tour de France Legend Lance Armstrong still couldnt say the word ‘Sorry’ once.

Lance Armstrong for me was like for many others, a legend! Someone in sport to aspire to, someone in life to aspire to!  The man that seemed that nothing was impossible, that he was unbeatable and in a sport that has been riddled so much over the years with large numbers of its athletes testing positive for band drugs, Lance Armstrong was doing it DRUG FREE…

…Or So We Thought!  Infact we had been living his lie along side him, patting him on his back watching him win tour after tour from our living rooms, buying his books, buying into his brand, buying the very brands he used because he used them, and all along he had been lying and cheating his way to a $72million sponship with brands such as Trek & Nike.

Yes his name came up often, he had over 500 drug tests, all coming back negative! But people close by and the media and even other cyclists competing against him were questioning the use of Drugs.

After suing so many people and news papers and media agencies around the globe, even Lance himself cant remember how many or who he even sued in his Exclusive Interview with Oprah last week.  He has denied his use of drugs for years swearing on oath in courts of law and now on TV infront of 28million viewers Lance finally comes clean, but still no appology.

You have to question with all his sponsorship all washed up and pulling out, and a growing que of people ready to sue for compensation, damages and their money back from them previously getting sued by Armstrong, why now? Why with Oprah the biggest global icon in chatshow TV?

There must have been a pay out, how much we will never know, but right now he is going to need every penny.  Tiger Woods, when he went public on his appology, he did it at a press conferrence, no exclusive, so with all the lies and bullying of Armstrongs past we now know, an exclusive must have come with a pay day.

Hes not said he was sorry, even yet after a 3hr TV interview, hes not said he is sorry, he has not posted up on his official website that he is sorry to his once fans, he has not publicly appologised on his official twitter page either.

What he is sorry about, is that he got caught!  He made more excuses than I could even keep up with in the interview, “Everyone was doing it”

When has two wrongs ever made a right?

Armstrong has now been stripped of his 7 Tour de France Titles, he has been band from cycling competitively for life and is set for court battle after court battle.

One of the most disturbing things to come out of this though is some of the support Armstrong is getting, however dwindling, He is a CHEAT, plain and simple and some people are irresponsibly keeping him on a pedistall as a sporting Hero, a sporting Legend!

This is seriously sending out the wrong message to our young up and coming grassroots stars, especially after the biggest sporting year the UK has ever seen with the London 2012 Olympics!

Ben Johnson when he proved positive for drugs was made a villan of sport over night, band for life and stripped of his Olympic Gold, this was not only the right thing to do but ethically the right thing to do…  To send a strong and clear message to current athletes and up and coming kids of tomorrows international sporting events that CHEATING & DRUGS IN SPORT IS WRONG!

By Mike Buss

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