Local Tennis League – Match 4

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Outside David Lloyd Swindon

Outside David Lloyd Swindon

Match 4: 5th August 2017

Match Venue – David Lloyd Swindon – This has now become my favourite place to play tennis, the facilities are great! The carpet surface is fast and with my spin game, especially with my serve made the ball skid, pushing the ball further away from my opponent.

I took to playing on the David Lloyd courts like a duck to water, the surface and indoor environment really helped my game.  I’ve been researching a bit into Deaf Tennis and found we even have a National Deaf Tennis Team.  Talking to other deaf players, they have all agreed with me, that playing indoors is their much preferred place to play tennis.

As usual, I give service of the first game to my opponent winning the first game 15-40.  My timing on the ball is far better, I’ve no wind interference in my hearing aid, the indoors giving my game an all round increase in performance, my service over the match gives me 26 aces! The use of a focal point using the scaffolding of the roof to assist my balance when tossing the ball during serving.

IMG_1074The final score was 6-0 6-2.  A totally commanding game from the very start.

After the match I used the poolside facilities, the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, this really was the best way to relax and cool down after a tennis match, especially with a constant 18hrs of tennis a week.

The facilities of David Lloyd Swindon are truly very good and shows why it is Swindon’s Premier Health Club.

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