Menopause – A Positive Solution

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Many herbs have been given the status of ‘miraculous’, however the herb Pueraria mirifica is a plant found in Thailand that has for hundreds of years, been part of the diet of Thai women.  Many women around the world have benefited from hormone-balancing properties of this herb, and more specifically its the ability to support women going through the menopause.

Hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, low mood – these are all typical experiences of a woman approaching the menopause.  Hormone replacement therapy is commonly recommended to ease the transition, but this is not suitable for every woman.

In a study, all of the women who took PM experienced positive results immediately, and after six months every woman reported improvements in all 20 menopausal issues monitored in the study.  Pueraria mirifica contains several phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens) including genistein and diadzein, but is the only known source of one particular phytonutrient called miroestrol.

Miroestrol is similar to oestriol, a weak oestrogen found in the female body that plays a protective role in health.  Its thought that the action of miroestrol is the key reason for the miraculous properties of PM.

Miroestrol occupies the body’s oestrogen receptor sites resulting in a regulation of oestrogen levels in the female body.  So although PM is primarily used as a supportive herb for the transition through the menopause, women also have found it supportive in PMS and other conditions where there is oestrogen imbalance.


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  1. Judy Williamson says:

    Don’t forget the fatigue as part of menopausal symptoms. I have never experienced fatigue like it and that is due to the Peri-menopause and the menopause. I am now on HRT and have noticed an increase in my energy levels. The slow weight loss I have not noticed a difference in though, if I’m lucky I’ll lose 3-4 lbs a month but I lose motivation because the weight loss is so damn slow! So I’m up down, up down!

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