mikebussPT Fitness Centre Launches Wiltshires Only Weight Lifting Club

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After finding out not only was there now British Weight Lifting Club in Swindon but not even any in Wiltshire, Mike Buss (Founder of the mikebussPT Fitness Centre) decided that this was an important addition to the mikebussPT Fitness Centre and a great opportunity to start up grassroots coaching in the Olympic Sport of Weight Lifting in view to not only help build on the success of the British Weight Lifting Team at the London 2012 Olympics by supporting the Sport, but to also build potential Olympic hopefuls in Weight Lifting for upcoming Olympic Games.

The mikebussPT Fitness Centre has now affiliated with British Weight Lifting and already has two coaches along with a support team specialising in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition in readyness for anyone who would be interested in taking up the sport and maybe help build a Swindon born Olympic Medal Winner in the future in this great sport!

If you are interested in trying out the Sport of Weight Lifting, then pop down to the mikebussPT Fitness Centre, Maxwell Street, Swindon, SN1 5DR anytime or just call: 07791 356 482 for further details.

  • Membership is just £10per month and if you are under 18yrs old and in fulltime education, then membership is just £5per month.
  • Anyone getting into our grassroots Development Squad will receive £5per month membership regardless of age.

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  1. Dane Frost says:


    I was reading about your weightlifting club. I am interested in coming down. what nights can i train?. I am already a British weightlifting coach level 1 and i plan to take the level 2 in October so if you can offer me any extra coaching experience i would love to help out.


  2. Andy Payne says:

    Wow at long last someone to help us weightlift! Mike Buss is a God amongst us Wiltshire folk! Man I can’t wait till you produce the new OLYMPIC CHAMPION!!!!

  3. Chris Bennett says:

    Hi i have just started the 5×5 program, i dont really have the proper kit at home and its all about form, is this open to new bee’s, or professionals only. Many thanks

  4. Sarah Hima says:

    I’m very excited that you have done this in Swindon. I’ve just started Powerlifitng and really enjoy it, but would also like to experience Oly lifitng at some point in the future.

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