PARKfit is the alternative to military styled Bootcamp training in the park.  If the outdoors training appeals to you, but you dont fancy the military styled shouting, beastings and car tyres then PARKfit is for you.  Takepart in challenging but fun and rewarding sessions with instructor led training classes in beautiful parks and open spaces.

We run our program all year round. Come sun, rain, hail, sleet or snow with highly trained, experienced & professional instructors.

Our group based fitness sessions last for 1 hour and are a great place to meet new people, have fun and achieve your fitness goals.

PARKfit sessions are for all abilities of fitness and caters for mixed abilities, so there really is no excuse to getting fit anylonger!

We have members of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds. So why not come along to your nearest park and experience it for yourself today?