RAF100 Aircraft Tour Arrives In London

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RAF100 Aircraft Tour – Horse Guards, London.

The summer is truly with us right now, with the glorious het and what better excuse to find things for the family to do and get out and about…

So why not check out the RAF100 Aircraft Tour that arrived in London at Horse Guards of Friday 6th July? The event will be at Horse Guards till Tuesday 10th July, before it heads back on the road to its next destination.

The RAF100 Aircraft Tour is a FREE Entry Event.

The RAF are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and the aircraft tour is just one on many events celebrating the RAF centenary up and down the country.  The Aircraft Tour however, is one of those once in a life time unique events where you just won’t see such an event again.  For the aircraft enthusiasts and the aviation photographers, this is a unique chance to see and photograph some of the most iconic RAF aircraft from past and present in unique venues.  When else will you ever get the chance to see and photograph an F-35 or a Dakota with such a building like Horse Guards in the background?

This truly is an event for everyone, not just the military aviation enthusiasts and photographers…  The event of course has some magnificent aircraft on display, but its also a great opportunity to speak to serving members of the RAF and find out about the vast array of jobs and adventures open to members of the RAF, you may be thinking of joining, but unsure about what the RAF can offer you, well this event certainly will give you the information you need.

  • Meet members of the Royal Air Force in an interactive STEM/Techno Zone and learn more about how they are creating the next generation Air Force.

For the kids, again there is more than just the aircraft, there are many of the defence industry contractors such as Boeing at the event who are part of the STEM Project, which is there to encourage kids into subjects such as Maths, Science and Engineering with fun and exciting activities everyone  can get their hands on, not even the kids.  Why not design your own future fighter plane, or put on some VR goggles and try flying a drone, or pilot an F-35? This and so much more can be found at the RAF100 Aircraft Tour.

On display:

Spitfire Mk16
Dakota DC3
Meteor FR4
Harrier GR3
Tornado GR1

I highly recommend this event, and if you can’t get to London, then check out the RAF100 events at the RAF website and find a venue near you to see these amazing aircraft and more.

RAF100 Website: https://www.raf.mod.uk/raf100/

RAF100 Aircraft Tour Dates:

  • 6th  – 10th July: Horse Guards, London
  • 25th – 27th August: Victoria Square, Birmingham
  • 31st August – 2nd September: Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow
  • 14th – 16th September: Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

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