Scotland Coast to Coast | Highlands (Sept)

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Traverse some of the most stunning landscape in the UK on foot, bike and in a kayak, in one of the UKs most challenging adventure races.


Cost: £175 0r £200


Completed over the 2 days; pairs or solos; 105 miles covered; full logistical support; £220 standard price per person.

You need to be at  least 18 years old to take part in the event. Please note that if you enter as a pair you MUST stay together throughout the course. If you reach check points separately the results system will automatically rank you  as ‘disqualified’.

Challenger is designed for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness who has a sense of adventure in the beautiful outdoors. It is set over 2 days, with a relaxing overnight stop at the mid-point close to the shores of Loch Ness, Fort Augustus. You can take part as a pair and enjoy the experience together, or tackle the terrain as a solo participant. In both cases you will use the same bike throughout.

Is this for me?

Scotland Coast to Coast Challengers are a varied bunch. There will be people who have never been to the Highlands but who have longed to go; and people who already know and cherish the place like no other. If you have run a 10km, had a weekend out in the country on the bikes, or simply find yourself wanting a physical goal to train towards, this could be the category for you. Challenger is tough; make no bones about it, but we will be encouraging you every step of the way. It involves a one-way journey of 105 miles across some pretty rugged terrain, with loads of stunning views to keep you inspired. 22 miles are on foot, plus a wee splash in our kayaks – just short sections (no advanced skill required) and plenty of fun-fuelled biking.


This is a true journey; you’ll start with your toes in the North Sea and finish with them having a (well-earned) soak on Scotland’s West Coast.

Route summary and stage lengths

All Scotland Coast to Coast participants will experience the same route. Challengers will attempt it over 2 days, with an overnight stop at Fort Augustus, where the event will provide you with access to your gear (which you will have left with us at the start line) and you will erect your tent to sleep in overnight. You may elect to take our accommodation package and stay in a lovely boutique hotel, or you may wish to organise your own local accommodation. All options are fine. The next morning, you’ll be setting out again on the route following the Great Glen south-west and onwards to the finish line at the Isles of Glencoe Hotel.

The stage lengths are as follows:

  • Trek/ Run – 7 miles (5 miles off-road)
  • Road Cycle –  48 miles
  • Mini Kayak & Run – 2 miles max
  • Off-Road & Road Cycle – 33 miles (16 miles off-road)
  • Trek/ Run –  14 miles (12 miles off-road)
  • Kayak – 1 mile
  • Short run to finish line
  • TOTAL JOURNEY – 105 miles


Friday Sep 14th

  •   Registration and drop open 1200 – 2200 (Nairn)
  • Bag Drop 1600 – 2200 (at registration)
  •    Bike Drop open 1200 – 2230 (Cawdor Castle)

Saturday Sep 15th

  • Bag drop 0600 – 0730
  • Briefing 0745 (at the Start)
  • Start 0800 (Nairn)
  •     Finish From 1300 – 1800 (Fort Augustus)
  •     Day 1 Course closes 2000 (Fort Augustus)

Sunday Sep 16th

  • Day 2 Re-Start Any time from 0700 – 0900 (Fort Augustus)
  • Finish From 1300 – 2000 (Glencoe)
  • Post Race Party 2000 – late! (Glencoe)



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