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Technogym produce first indoor bike with real gear shift

SKILLBIKE SKILLBIKE is the revolutionary new stationary bike developed by Technogym. Created in collaboration with champion riders using the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method, SKILLBIKE enables cycling professionals and enthusiasts to experience the emotion and challenge of outdoor riding in an indoor environment. Will you make it to that last hill? Can you push yourself above and […]

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RESISTANCE TRAINING: Resistance training increases muscle tissue and elevates metabolism to burn more calories, 24hrs per day. SMART EATING: Eating at regular intervals provides energy and increases metabolism.  Don’t restrict your calories below normal calorie intake 2000-2500 calories. MANAGING CHANGE: Changing the status quo in our lives is never easy.  It’s important to identify the […]

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CARDIOWALL’S Latest Product

Since LIW 2012 in September, and meeting Rugged Interactive there who own Cardiowall, Ive had one istalled at my gym in Swindon and have had a massive success with it being a great hit at the gym! The kids love it and so do the adults, Ive used it in Circuit Training, Boxercise, BOOTCAMP and […]

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