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Controversial Study Puts Blame on Working Mums For Childhood Obesity

A study has claimed working mothers (and not dads) are responsible for childhood obesity – and mums have something to say about it. The study collated data from children born between 2000 and 2002, and came to the conclusion that the children of single mums working full-time were almost 25 per cent more likely to […]

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Kids Self Esteem Hit by Reality TV Shows Like X-Factor

As much as we are addicted to these reality TV Shows such as X-Factor, there seem much spread  agreement that it is effecting our kids self esteem. Its thought that thousands of school children are now suffering from low self esteem bue to watfhing shows like the X-Factor and The Only Way is Essex.  The […]

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What do eggs, nuts and insect stings have in common?

They are all triggers of allergic reactions in children.  Its thought that around 40% of children now suffer from allergies.  The reaction to these allergies can range from fairly innocuous, to life threatening in the case of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is an abnormal bodily response to a usually harmless substance.  It can occur within […]

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LIW 2012 Information Update

WHO SHOULD VISIT LIW??? Anyone and everyone who operates in the Leisure Industry! Personal Trainers – Gyms – Health Clubs – Hotels/Spas – Sports Clubs – Leisure Centres – Sports Clubs – Bars & Clubs – Local Authority – Golf & Country Clubs – Theme Parks – Indoor & Outdoor Play Centres – Holiday Parks […]

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