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You Should Definitely Cocoa

Christmas is over, New Year is over, and we are just round the corner from Easter and that next calendar event that puts chocolate in front of us, but don’t worry, there is great news! research shows that a healthy appetite for dark chocolate is good for you and can even help you reduce your […]

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Eat For Your Heart – Make Change Today

Getting ready to make changes…  If you have coronary heart disease, your doctor may have already given you information about healthy eating and to eat well for your heart. You will also be able to find many articles on Heart Disease prevention nutrition and exercise articles.  Just check out key words in the search box. […]

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The Cholesterol Conundrum

Cholesterol occurs naturally in the body and plays a vital role in how every cell wall in the body functions.  However, too much cholesterol in the blood can increase the risk of coronary heart disease in the UK are due to raised cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore it is very important to eat healthily. […]

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The U.K. has one of the worlds worst records for heart disease.  Each year more than 300,000 suffer from heart attacks. So what is the main course? The worse culprit is too much saturated fat in our diet.  Saturated fat is converted by the liver into blood cholesterol, high levels of which are very closely […]

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As far as your cholesterol is concerned, its not how much you eat thats the problem, its all the other types of fat that can have the biggest impact.  Here is a list of the good fats you should eat more of and the bad fats you should stay away from. The Goodies: Omega 3 […]

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