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Technogym produce first indoor bike with real gear shift

SKILLBIKE SKILLBIKE is the revolutionary new stationary bike developed by Technogym. Created in collaboration with champion riders using the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method, SKILLBIKE enables cycling professionals and enthusiasts to experience the emotion and challenge of outdoor riding in an indoor environment. Will you make it to that last hill? Can you push yourself above and […]

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British bicycle manufacturer behind the worlds lightest folding bike, Hummingbird has broken new ground with the launch of an electric edition. Weighing in at 10.3 kg, it is the lightest folding e-bike available on the market. Hummingbird, which launched its revolutionary 6.9kg folding bike in 2017 (the world’s lightest), has developed a similarly elegant model with […]

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Should Armstrong be Allowed to Compete?

On Sunday 13th December disgraced tour de france cyclist Lance Armstrong not only entered, but won the Woodside Ramble 35km race, just outside Palo Alto, California.  This sparked an instant storm or outrage on social media, renewing the question of doping in sport. should a proven cheat in professional sport be allowed to compete at […]

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Lance Armstrong, From Sporting Legend to Sporting Cheat

After a two part, nearly 3hr long interview, the once highly regarded Tour de France Legend Lance Armstrong still couldnt say the word ‘Sorry’ once. Lance Armstrong for me was like for many others, a legend! Someone in sport to aspire to, someone in life to aspire to!  The man that seemed that nothing was […]

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Train for Your First 100mile Cycle Race

So you’ve taken up cycling and entered a 100mile race…  You need to set a training programme with the aim to finish the race, but also to cycle confidently and comfortably.  You need to look at 3 to 4 sessions per week, in the 10week programme below I have set a 4 session per week […]

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Cycling Across The World

Few World Records are safe these days, having broken over 40 myself and only 4 stills standing the last time I checked, I know this only too well, but none-the-less so than the one for cycling around the world.  In the past 3yrs since 2008 the benchmark of 194 days has been broken 4times, most […]

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WR | Spinning Marathon 96hrs (2003)

The record stood at 76hrs…  To cycle non-stop on a static spinning bike for more than 76hrs was the challenge, Mikes plan, to raise the bar to 96hrs (4days).  The record attempt at Wimbledon Esporta Health Club began great, with a large crowd of support from press, local TV, members and staff and two of […]

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