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QUALITIES OF A SPORTSMAN The following definition of a ‘Sportsman’ was drawn up at a meeting, representative of all ranks, lasting 5hrs at the Army School of Physical Training, Aldershot on the occasion of an INTER THEATRE OF WAR CHAMPIONSHIPS, held in the United Kingdom, in 1919, with representatives from the HOME FORCES – BRITISH […]

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Kids Self Esteem Hit by Reality TV Shows Like X-Factor

As much as we are addicted to these reality TV Shows such as X-Factor, there seem much spread  agreement that it is effecting our kids self esteem. Its thought that thousands of school children are now suffering from low self esteem bue to watfhing shows like the X-Factor and The Only Way is Essex.  The […]

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Recently reading the Daily Star with some of its features about the Olympics, I came across an article about WHOS PUT GREAT INTO GREAT BRITAIN? Reading this I was slightly amused by someof the suggestions, and gave the thumbs up to others. So what is the answer to this big debate going on in pubs […]

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Designer Online Underwear & Swimwear Online | iwantpants.com

Check this website out for the very best and latest designer underwear online…  This website is the answer to all your underwear needs, the unique designer collections guarantee style, comfort and fit with the additional bonus of FREE delivery in the UK. Prided on the best of customer service, and with any order placed before […]

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Becks v Crouch

WAG Abbey Clancy, wife of football international Peter Crouch has claimed her husband looks sexier in his pants than fellow Footballer David Beckham who has recently launched his H & M Underwear Range and even goes on to claim that David Beckham looks more like Ricky Gervais in his new fashion adds. David Beckham, 36, […]

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