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Trying to fit a daily exercise routine into a packed modern lifestyle can be a tricky proposition. However, exercise needn’t mean taking time out to plan a gym session. Instead, exercise can be worked into your life, through commuting, household task and sports. The scourge of modern day living is that we never seem to […]

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Morning vs Night – When Should You Workout?

MORNING: In general, training in the morning is a real energy booster.  A morning training routine does not only give you an energy boost, it will also free up your evenings allowing you to enjoy activities that are less demanding and more relaxing. The body might still feel sleepy early in the day, but it […]

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Its Not Too Late – Exercise Can Increase Fitness Levels of The Older Generation

Its never too late…  According to scientists of the National Institute of Aging in the US, its not too late to start exercise and increase your fitness levels, even for those in their 60s.  The research found that an aerobic exercise programme for sedentary older people improves cardiovascular function regardless of prior physical conditioning. Age […]

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KEY WORDS TO FITNESS CV (CARDIOVASCULAR) Exercise which works the heart and lungs, eg: bike, rowing or running. AEROBIC Aerobic means “with oxygen”.  Aerobic exercise is any exercise where sufficient oxygen can be breathed in to supply all the relevant muscles and allow them to continue working. ANAEROBIC Anaerobic means “without oxygen”.  Anaerobic exercise is […]

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TRAINING PRINCIPLES The F.I.T.T. Principle Of Training Can Be Applied To All Methods Of Training. FITT Means: Frequency:  The number of times each week that you train, for maximum benefit you should be doing at least 3sessions per week. Intensity:  The level of which you workout at.  This can be measured by Heart-Rate. Time:  Length […]

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ANTE AND POST NATAL EXERCISE THE THREE TRIMESTERS: Pregnancy is divided up into 3month stages called trimesters (12-13weeks).  Each trimester is distinctly different as regards the development of you and your baby. 1st Trimester (0-12weeks) 2nd Trimester (12-25weeks) 3rd Trimester (25-42weeks)   1st Trimester: Week 1: Date of last period Placenta begins developing Missed period […]

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I first came across FREEDOM CLIMBER 3yrs ago at LIW (Leisure Industry Week), It was an awesome product that not only gave great benefits for getting yourself fit, but it was truly fun too! The Freedom Climber is a revolutionary rotating climbing wall trainer that creates a realistic climbing experience and provides all the physiological […]

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Exercise & Pregnancy

This information is a guideline to exercising during pregnancy.  It is important to remember that every pregnancy will be different and you should check with your doctor/GP to make sure that they are happy with you starting or continuing to exercise. It is now generally accepted that exercise during pregnancy is good for both mother […]

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Reduce Your Risk

You can reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease by: Not being over weight Eating less saturated fat Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day Eating fewer sugary snacks and drinks Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and not exceeding the recommended guidelines Not smoking Exercise regularly Reduce your stress levels and learn to […]

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It is important to understand the need to keep your body hydrated.  Whenever you exercise you lose fluid, not only through sweating but also water vapour in the air that you breath out.  The harder and longer you exercise and the hotter and more humid the environment the more fluid you will lose.  If this […]

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