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You Should Definitely Cocoa

Christmas is over, New Year is over, and we are just round the corner from Easter and that next calendar event that puts chocolate in front of us, but don’t worry, there is great news! research shows that a healthy appetite for dark chocolate is good for you and can even help you reduce your […]

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Scientists have said that the monounsaturates in the olive oil, can help you to lower blood cholesterol in the same way that polyunsaturates do. In Spain, Italy and Greece where a lot of olive oil is used and little saturated fat is eaten, the rate of heart disease is very low.  Even though – as […]

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RESISTANCE TRAINING: Resistance training increases muscle tissue and elevates metabolism to burn more calories, 24hrs per day. SMART EATING: Eating at regular intervals provides energy and increases metabolism.  Don’t restrict your calories below normal calorie intake 2000-2500 calories. MANAGING CHANGE: Changing the status quo in our lives is never easy.  It’s important to identify the […]

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Why do we adopt a middle aged spread as we grow older??? Many adults do not eat more, or even as much as they did when they were younger.  So why does the average person add 1lb of body weight per year from around 30yrs old onwards? You might assume that more fat on our […]

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Pauline Quirk – Not So Light As A Feather Again…

Back in 2011 I wrote an article about Pauline Quirk from Birds of a Feather, and her weight loss. I said then knowing about the diet she not only did to lose the weight but even became the face of the diet – Lighter Life, that she would pile it all back on again and […]

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48 Spoons of Sugar – What You Might be Eating…

A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, food companies have been increasing the sugar content of processed foods to make them taste better. So even if you think youve made a concious effort to stay clear of obvious sources of sugar, like sweets, chocolate and sugary drinks, you may be alarmed […]

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DIET Foods That Make You FAT!

We all buy them, sucked into the hype of advertising that food companies put out there to make us think that buying a diet option food will get you slim… But how wrong are you!… Cereal Bars: We are lead to believe that cereal bars are the perfect healthy snack and the light option breakfast […]

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The Economics of Obesity

Estimates of the direct  costs to the NHS for treating overweight and obesity, and related morbidity in England, have ranged from £479.3 million in 1998 [1] to £4.2 billion in 2007 [2]. Estimates of the indirect costs (those costs arising from the impact of obesity on the wider economy such as loss of productivity) over […]

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Living Costs and Food Survey

Data on purchases and expenditure have been collected by various surveys since 1940 to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the national food policy at the time.  In 2001, the National Food Survey (NFS) was merged with the Family Expenditure Survey (FES) to form the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS).  In 2008, the EFS, […]

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Low Income and Poor Diet Leading to Obesity

The Low Income Diet and Nutrition Survey (LIDNS) was commissioned by the Food Standards Agency. It provides strong, nationally representative, evidence on the eating habits, nourishment and nutrition-related health of people on low income.  A sample of 3728 adults and children (aged 4 and above) from 2477 households across the UK were surveyed between November […]

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