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Hearing Loss & Wireless Technology

Connecting to your TV: If you are having difficulty in hearing the TV, especially if there is noise around you like people talking, then wireless technology can help you. In most instances, a small box or streamer is attached to the TV and this sends the sound wirelessly either direct to the hearing aids or […]

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The Effects of Hearing Loss

As many people know I’ve lived with hearing loss for several years, and have a first hand knowledge of living with hearing loss and how isolated it can make you feel in situations like group discussions. Virtually no other condition in medicine can have such a profound effect on quality of life as even moderate […]

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My New Hearing | Part 1

BANG!!! It was 1998, an IRA car bomb goes off and I’m left with loss of hearing, my eardrums perforated, my inner ear canal damaged, and told I have profound loss of hearing. I would say I’m a very confident person, always out in the public presenting, giving talks, speeches, teaching and instructing. But when […]

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Health Issues | Hearing

I lost a lot of my hearing during my time in the army whilst out on a vehicle patrol in N. Ireland, ever since then Ive had a keen interest in ‘hearing’ and its effect on peoples lives… You do not need to spend very long in a night club to recieve dangerous levels of […]

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