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Facts & Figures About The Growth of Obesity

So lets look at what Obesity is first…  Obesity is most commonly defined in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index).  The BMI is calculated as follows: Weight in KGs divided by height in metres sq.  A desirable BMI is considered to be 20-25. Anything above is considered over weight and above 30 is considered Obese. […]

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HEALTH AT WORK | With The British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation has got all the tools and resources you need to create and manage a health and wellbeing programme it the work place. Achieve New Results! How can you encourage your colleagues to be more active, eat healthy and have less stress?  BHF has the answer! With the FREE BHF Health at […]

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Get Your Kids Active With Lazy Town – Bing Bang (Time to Dance)

LazyTown has become a world wide phenomena that really has the power to help you get your kids active and healthy with lots of fun along the way!

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SHE EATS A STAGGERING 6000 Calories a Day SHE COSTS THE TAX PAYER £700 A Week in Benefits 5 Years ago she was 48stone She has not been out for 4yrs. Brenda Flanagan has not been out of the house for 4yrs and spends all day in a reinforced bed listening to the radio and […]

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